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THAILAND Pattaya Ocean Marina Yacht Club

Who visits us?

People interested wanting to learn to sail, and those who can sail and advance their skills by chartering a yacht to do a mile builder adventure cruise, For hose who want to go on a pleasure sailing trip to enjoy the beautiful islands and beaches of Thailand, we offer Yacht Charters.

What to do here?

Learn to Sail, Mile Builders to advance sailing skills Pleasure sailing trips. Visit beautiful beaches and islands

Top 3 reasons to visit
  • Learn to Sail
  • Mile Builder Yacht Charters
  • Yacht Charter for Pleasure

Our Story

SailBreeze Sailing School Thailand

SailBreeze offers the sailing enthusiasts, whether experienced or inexperienced, the joys and challenges of a fabulous sailing adventure in the Gulf of Thailand. We offer Yacht Charters by the Hour and by the Day, whichever suits your needs. For the more adventurous, we offer the Mile Builder Cruise to shore up your sailing experience. ​ If you are interested in just a Pleasure Cruise to relax and joy a cruise with friends, we can also cater to your requirements. For those who want to learn and take up sailing to obtain the International Yacht Training (IYT) certification, SailBreeze provids a first class Sailing Experience for students.

SailBreeze Sailing School Thailand's team
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