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Travel with an open mind Respect cultural heritage Care for the environment

What to do here?

The largest island nation on the planet is as diverse as its breadth. With views like other worlds, mystical culture, extraordinary cuisine, exotic beaches, and friendly people, there is no place in this world that offers more like the one in Indonesia. See our carefully crafted adventures throughout Indonesia that showcase the best of every destination.

Top 3 reasons to visit
  • Java Volcano Tour Operator was created, and was fully licensed and registered Tourism Company with Business Registration Number ( NIB ) 0220001393513 from Government of The Republic Of Indonesia.
  • We can put together a Mainstream Package and alternative tour to match your budget, lifestyle and personal interests. Because we are a small company with expansive local knowledge,
  • We are Specializes In Custom Tour Packages. The Tour Itineraries And Activities That We Arrange Are As Unique As Our Guests. We Cater To Your Personal Needs And Strive To Provide An Individualized Experience To Each Destinations

Our Story

Java Volcano Tour Operator

The JVTO story began in East Java back in 2016 when Mr. Sam work as a Tourist Police Unit until now in the most iconic Volcano in Java ( Mount Ijen ) which has the main task to help and protect foreign tourist mobility also ensuring they don’t get scammed by dishonest travel agency and realised that it was the time to start a travel company. Shortly after, Java Volcano Tour Operator was created, and was fully licensed and registered tourism company with Business Registration Number (NIB) 0220001393513 from The Government Of The Republic Of Indonesia.

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We are passionate, competitive, open, dynamic.