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PANAMA Panama City Casco Viejo

Who visits us?

Conscious and curious travelers.

What to do here?

We are going to walk and experience Panama City through local eyes and visit unseen places where travelers can't see by themselves. We are going to learn more about the daily life of Panamanian and its food. We will eat and drink at the local spots and hear cool stories about Panama City including Casco Viejo, Santa Ana and El Chorrillo.

Top 3 reasons to visit
  • Authentic
  • Unique
  • Real

Our Story

Local in PTY

As a local guide in Panama City, I've been working in different prominent hotels in the past and I've learned a lot about my country and the most important I've added more interesting places that you as a travellers won't find in a guidebooks or by yourself. I have a strong connection with the places and specially with the people and this experience is real and Authentic because you will be connected to many Panamanian people and learn from them. We will visit the gym where our greatest boxer Roberto Duran trained and we will play dominos with the local experts and we will talk to them and understand the daily life and its culture. We will visit a local barber shop, a local hat shop and many graffiti around the neighborhood. The neighborhood has a bad reputation because of gang territory but thanks to the police crime and violence is very low. We are going to learn about gangs and how the gentrification affected local people and how the US invasion affected the neighborhood of El Chorrillo. We are going to stop in a local bar to taste local drinks and snacks. We are going to dance Latin music and learn how happy Panamanian are in their own community. Experience Panama City through local eyes.

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We know each other and we love sharing all about our country.